Q. There’s no staff in the chat to take my suggestion?

If you are unable to wait for a staff member to come online, we have other options available for you. These include posting a comment on our blog, posting in the main chat for when staff return (although beware – there’s a chance your idea may be stolen!), sending a private message to Crow on the xat forums, or even starting an offline Private Chat with Crow (1994), who will aim to respond as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.

Q. I suggested an idea but nothing happened?

Although Feedback staff will forward an idea to the relevant people if appropriate, we cannot force xat administrators or anyone else to implement these changes. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee suggestions will be added, as it is out of our control.

Q. You say all opinions are accounted for, but you don’t like my idea?

Unfortunately, we cannot petition for an idea that has already been suggested/implemented or is entirely unthoughtful or unrealistic. Feedback staff will listen and talk through your idea with you, and we will explain if we are unable to take your idea further. However, we do try to improve suggestions and make them workable where possible. Feedback staff will also let you know if your idea has already been suggested before.

Q. Your staff aren’t listening to me and are being unprofessional.

If you believe our staff are not meeting official chat standards, please report them to a higher member of staff or alternatively Crow (1994), who will consider your report. You can also click ‘send message‘ above the chat and submit a report. We take these concerns very seriously.