Reporting Staff

If you wish to report a member or moderator for their conduct, you should contact a higher member of staff in a private chat or click ‘send message‘ above the chat and submit a report. If your complaint is about an owner, this should be raised with the main owner Crow (1994) in a private chat or by clicking ‘send message‘.

When submitting a report, you should include proper evidence. Proper evidence may include two full chat screen grabs. The first screen grab must have the messages in their entirety. The second must have the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible. Both should have the date and GMT time on the screenshots. Video evidence showing the user ID, registered name, date and GMT time is even better.

Anyone submitting a report needs to have the genuine belief that the staff member has acted incorrectly or inappropriately. Anyone who makes a complaint in bad faith, e.g. to damage the reputation of the staff member, could be subject to a lengthy ban.