The full list of chat rules is here. We ask that you keep up to date and refresh your knowledge on these rules regularly.

The exclusive chat rules for Feedback staff are below:

Rule 1. Be constructive. Negative opinions with no thought or outcome will not be considered.  
The purpose of the chat is to provide constructive feedback and thoughtful ideas that you sincerely believe will improve xat. The chat is not somewhere to vent your personal displeasure towards xat without suggesting areas for improvement.

Rule 10. Suggest ideas and improvements in a courteous manner.
The users moderating Feedback chat do so on a voluntary basis and work to listen to users’ ideas. Please be patient if they do not respond immediately. Publicly complaining about the actions of a moderator is not acceptable, and any issues should be brought up to the main owner, which can be done by clicking here. All feedback sent through that channel is read.

Rule 12. Do not troll or post false, insincere or nonsense suggestions.
We are looking for realistic and genuine suggestions. If staff have reason to believe you are suggesting ideas to the contrary, you may be warned and then banned if it continues. An example of an unrealistic and ungenuine suggestion is “42 should give me unlimited xats”.

Rule 19. Avoid suggesting ideas that already exist or have already been suggested.
Ideas should be unique or have unique elements to them. If they have already been suggested on the forums, please contribute to the topic if you have something new and helpful to add. If you suggested the idea previously, please do not suggest it again.