Staff: Rewards

We have launched a new initiative to reward our staff!

At the end of each calendar month, we will be giving a test power, gift or another reward to our hardest working member of staff, who has contributed the most to the chat during that month, to show our gratitude and appreciation for their efforts!

We hope this will boost staff morale and activity, and contribute to our positive environment on the chat.

If you have questions, please contact Four (4444).

Period User Rank Reason Prize Prize Given
2020/06/19–2020/07/18 iBau (14014) Owner For being the most active user on the chat. Test power 601 23 July 2020
2020/07/19–2020/08/18 Cupim (11011) Member For being the most active user on the chat and suggesting a ‘monthly themes’ idea to improve Feedback. 2,500 xats N/A – user has requested xats be put towards future contest.
2020/08/19–2020/09/18 Abrahan (1534445130) Member For producing us a new club icon and cover image, helping us improve our blog menu, and helping us improve the efficiency of our PGO bot, as well as being very active. Test power 608 24 September 2020
2020/09/19–2020/10/18 Abrahan (1534445130) Moderator For producing us a Halloween inner chat background and suggesting new links be added to the chat for the bug tracker and Chat. Test power 610 24 October 2020
2020/10/19–2020/11/18 Mino (388275558) Moderator For being the most active user on the chat. 2,500 xats 26 November 2020
2020/11/19–2020/12/18 Abrahan (1534445130) Moderator For suggesting an idea to add a ’’favorites’’ button to the desktop version of xat along with a ‘recommended for you’ tab. 2,500 xats 20 December 2020