Suggested to Admins

The below ideas were emailed directly to xat admins at [email protected] These ideas directly involve the input of admins, so they were not worth posting on the forums.

xat Desktop Application (21 March 2020)

The user Arrowzflame (164151134) has made a suggestion on Feedback chat. 

The suggestion is to create a dedicated xat desktop application, perhaps using the ElectronJS open-source software, to provide an alternative to always running xat in a browser. This user-frendly app could have all the xat pages in one programme, e.g. settings, chats, store – you wouldn’t need to open new tabs for each page like on browsers. The user also believes native notifications are much friendlier than browser notifications.

It could be a lot of work to accomplish, though.

Allow unregistered users to use mobile app (21 March 2020)

The user Vevrok (10000123) has made a suggestion on Feedback chat. 

The suggestion is to allow unregistered users to use the mobile app, without the need to log in. These users could show as toons, and could be required to complete a captcha for security if necessary. This could bring more casual users onto the app, if they don’t need to log in/register to chat.

Regular Communication with Admins (21 March 2020)

This idea was suggested by an unregistered user on Feedback chat.

This suggestion is for xat admins to communicate more with users and have regular, open chat sessions with them. Admins could perhaps visit a chat for an hour each month or so and talk with users about ongoing developments to xat or about plans for the future – things that will keep users excited and engaged with xat. This would greatly improve the communication between admins and users.

Alternatively, admins could post more frequently about ongoing developments to xat or plans for the future via Twitter or the forums.

[Last updated 22 March 2020]