Why we’re here

Feedback is the official chat for users to provide their constructive feedback about xat. The chat is open to all users in every language, no registration required, and we ensure all opinions are accounted for, where feasible.

Feedback provides an additional channel (not a replacement) to the official forums for users to share their suggestions and improvements at all levels of xat. We understand that not every user speaks English or has a forum account. Even if they did, posting suggestions can be a tiring process – registering, reading the guidelines, checking for identical suggestions, writing a detailed post, and sometimes even translating it too. It can also be an intimidating process for new or inexperienced users, if the user is worried about being scrutinized and criticized. 

Feedback makes the process of suggesting ideas easier, quicker and more comfortable for users. If a user messages our staff, they will receive immediate free-flowing conversational input on their suggestions – no waiting around. Basically, we do the hard work for users and take the stress out of it.

Our staff are trained to listen to users’ ideas and flesh them out and improve them, where possible. We then forward the suggestions to the right people in the right positions for a chance to be implemented, rightfully providing the user with full credit for their idea. We will listen to any thoughtful, constructive suggestions that users have for xat – no matter how small or insignificant the user thinks they might be. Feedback is designed to provide a platform for users to ensure their voices are heard.

Take the following topic for example: https://forum.xat.com/topic/11667-vrecord-most-active/. We listened to a simple idea from a user, thought critically about it, wrote a detailed argument for it, and even created concept art for it – providing full credit where due. We brought the user’s idea to life. Here’s another suggestion that we listened to, expanded upon, and carefully organized: https://forum.xat.com/topic/10368-powers-store-updates-max-pre-release-numbers/.

Indeed, Feedback serves its own unique purpose within the xat community, just like Help, Trade, Game, Contests and Loja. We are focused on driving positive change on xat more than anywhere else, and we are proud to provide that service. We are here to help, and we look forward to seeing your suggestions on the chat.

See you there!

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